Bar’Vin august
Under the Bridge

Bar’Vin under the bridge
Bar’Vin is moving in under the bridge, onto the premises of wine importer Rosforth & Rosforth, situated smack dab under the Knippelsbro, on the Christianshavn side of the water. Here, we are taking up residence for the rest of August, firing up the grill, making stews and other concoctions in pots and pans, and serving a whole lot of wine. As always, we are aiming our focus on the high quality Danish raw foodstuffs – in season, of course – prepared and served with the usual rustic Mediterranean feeling. And should you be in any doubt, the splendid delicacies will be accompanied, naturally, by wine that goes hand in glove with the dishes, wine from Rosforth & Rosforth’s large and bountiful wine cellar. So all in all, what we are offering here is a glorious summer rendition of Bar’Vin.

Social dining outdoors, but always in dry weather
As mentioned, the cuisine and the wine are being presented in tried and true Bar’Vin style and quality, However, there’s going to be one significant change in relation to what we ordinarily do on Skindergade: we will be setting places at long tables, with ample room for you and the other guests. When the weather is dry, the places will be set in the open air, on the quay. But should a rainshower happen to pay a visit to our scene, we will all move in under the Knippelsbro and continue to eat, drink and be merry under cover. Of course, we’ve got lots of blankets but we do recommend (to everybody) that you dress with the weather conditions in mind.

Menu & Wine
Each and every day, our bill of fare and our wine list will be composed according to what we find in the ground, at sea and in the air and, moreover, according to what we find in the wine cellar. When it comes to the cuisine, there will be 7-10 servings every day to choose from: these dishes can either be ordered à la carte or ordered together as a tasting menu. The wine list will contain, on any given day, approximately 40 wines that are found in the cellar of Rosforth & Rosforth, selected – of course – according to the day’s menu; a large number of these wines can, of course, be ordered by the glass.

The practical side
We will be open every day of the week from 2:00 PM. The grill (i.e. the warm dishes) will be ready from 5:00 PM on. According to the municipality, we must close up shop by 12:00 midnight. Reservations for dining here can be made here. If you simply want to enjoy our ambience and the wine, however, just come by – because there’s more than enough room to play with.

We look forward to seeing you at Bar’Vin under the bridge!

Fact sheet
Where: Under Knippelsbro on the Christianshavn side of the water
Address: Knippelsbrogade 10, 1409 Copenhagen K
When: July 30 – August 31, 2015
Who: Bar’Vin and Rosforth & Rosforth
Reservations: here
Telephone: +45 3312 5803